Our Services

Anzus specializes in Investor Roadshows and Strategic advice. Our roadshows are tailored to access appropriate institutional investors who are in a position to invest in your company. We help you with your presentation by tailoring it to appeal to a cross-section of investors.

We also provide strategic advice on how companies can appeal to investors along with researching investors on behalf of resource and industrial companies to determine the suitability of a potential roadshow.

How does a Roadshow Work?

Investor Roadshows We work with each company to structure the roadshow to suit their needs. Ideally, over 5 days we will visit appropriate investors on both the east and west coast together with stops in other important cities. All the accounts are not just in the largest cities.

If you're just coming to North America for a brief visit we can arrange a day or two of meetings to suit your itinerary. Occaisonally a company wishes to use the Anzus service for a part of their roadshow and another provider elsewhere. We'll work with you to make that happen too.