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Peter Hayman Peter Hayman, Managing Partner

Peter Hayman has spent more than 20 years in the United States (New York, San Francisco and Texas). Prior to founding ANZUS Capital and Investor Services in 2005, he marketed Australian and New Zealand equities to North American institutional investors as a VP with Ord Minnett, J.P. Morgan and then ABN AMRO.

Before relocating to the U.S., he sold Australian equities to Australian institutions for nine years as an Associate Director with Ord Minnett in Melbourne. His understanding of the market, extensive industry relationships and strong reputation for credibility among investors in the US and Canada facilitate effective access for his clients. Peter graduated from Swinburne University of Technology in 1977.

Peter also provides strategic advice on corporate presentations and positioning for the small-mid cap sector.
Jane Hayman Jane Hayman, Partner

A graduate of the University of Texas Law School, Jane Hayman was raised in Houston and spent her legal career in Washington, D.C., New York City and San Francisco before returning to Texas. In private practice she represented both domestic and international companies in matters of regulatory compliance, particularly as regards transportation, insurance, petroleum and securities. She's assisted clients in capital raisings and brings her diverse expertise to Anzus as head of compliance and marketing.

Anne Purcell

"ANZUS is the best value Investor relations for Aussies in the resource game."
Gavin Thomas
CEO Kingsgate
Anne Purcell, Administrative Associate (Melbourne)

Anne Purcell serves as the Administrative Associate for Anzus Capital, LLC. She has extensive experience in management and communications, and heads up the Anzus satellite office in Melbourne. Anne provides excellent followup and customer service skills, and is a local contact for our Australian clients.

Anzus represents Australian Companies

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